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The Nordic region's leading supplier of public baths and spa facilities

Leading Supplier

Processing - Bath and Spa Solutions - We provide all the equipment required for the perfect water experience.

We provide unique skills ranging from spa, sauna, wellness and hydromassage to water slides, all complete with bathing water treatment.

Processing is a Nordic player with more than 40 years of experience and is today represented by own companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. We hold the agency for a large part of the industry’s world-leading suppliers and are official partners for exclusive brands such as KLAF’s Saunabau sauna and Berndorf Bäderbau steel basins.

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In 2008, we strengthened our position in the Nordic region and are now represented with our own Processing companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Through this expansion, we increased our volumes and had the best opportunity to coordinate purchasing, logistics, system development, design and, in part, project management.


By mastering and offer all known technologies and product types on the market, we can, in consultation with the customer, offer the best technology solution based on the prevailing circumstances and conditions.

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Our mission is to produce KLAFS saunas and spas which offer you the ultimate in luxury and relaxation – whether in the comfort of your own home, or in a public spa facility.

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Processing has trained over a 1.000 technicians and swimming hall staff since the start in 1971.

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Processing is a Nordic company with over 40 years of experience and is represented by own companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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Our targeting over the years has been to build facilities that are as environmentally friendly as possible and provide a low operating cost over time. This means that we never sacrifice quality in favor of short-term profits. Our choice of products and system solutions is characterized by the fact that cheaply rarely is the most economical solution, either in the short or long term. Please visit some of our project references that have been in operation for a few years, we will be able to review.

Stability and long-term

Processing lives up to the best of proven technology and what we call Processing Adaptable Systems, which is exactly what it sounds. This means that we adapt technology solutions and products according to the customer’s conditions and, above all, that we avoid allowing our customers to perform test platforms for new and untouched technology solutions. Through our long industry presence and collaboration with leading agencies, our customers can always be sure that the most optimal combination of performance, operating costs, reliability and ease of use is achieved.

Please feel free to book a meeting where we can tell you more about what we are and how we could possibly help improve your water treatment process through cost-efficiency and increased environmental friendliness!

Stability and long-term

Our focus to be a complete supplier means that we together with the customer already in the planning stage can be helpful to achieve the most suitable solution. Our expertise ranges from waste water treatment to the attractions of the water parks and designing concept based spas. The project team and the end customer is enriched with a holistic approach that few entrepreneurs in the Nordic bath and water treatment business possess.


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