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A selection of references, filter and search by project type and technical solutions. Processing has more than 800 projects and references, if you are looking for a specific product or reference that you don´t find here, do not hesitate to contact us, please contact Anders Widing, head of marketing via e-mail:


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Passion is our framework!

Here you will find a few selections of Processings projects and plants along with plenty of pictures and descriptions. Become inspired both in terms of form, function and the environment in which the plants operate. If you want to know more or have questions, please contact your local Processing sales and service office.

Himlabadet Sundsvall
Processing designed and supplied the water treatment systems and attractions to Himlabadet, Sundsvall.
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Hafsten Camping
Hafsten's pool area. There are 1 children's pool, a large pool, a circular pool with shallow water and a 86 meter long waterslider with landing pool. There are 28 degrees hot water in all the pools.
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Kokpunkten Sweden
Kokpunkten (The boiling point) - a new bath built in a former steam power plant and by far the coolest action and adventure bath in Scandinavia.
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Downtown Camper
Downtown Camper City Scandic - a new signature hotel for urban explorer.
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St. Joergen Park Resort
It was not a matter of chance that Processing was chosen as a supplier when Hans and Kia Andersson decided to build the exclusive Park Spa at Sankt Jorgen Park & Resort just outside the center of Gothenburg.
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Yasuragi at Hasseludden, Stockholm, has since 1997 had the Japanese bath as a foundation in its concept, attracting many visitors who want to relax in a beautiful and tranquil settings.
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