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Processing provides a number of excellent services in water treatment and project management all across Scandinavia. Take a look below and discover a world of opportunities

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Whether it is about a single system, or a complete construction, our commitment does not end with the final delivery. Instead, we like to provide the oportunity to be your reliable partner over time.

Our nationwide service is at hand whether it´s about accrual service updates or advice. Our systems engineers have a very broad expertise in water treatment systems, and also a good knowledge of related functions such as various electrical and control systems.

The continuous exchange of knowledge between us and our world leading partners, colleagues and clients, always keeps us updated of what´s going on and what´s to come in the water tretment bransh.


A stable partner is important to the safely handle the production andsubsequent warranty period.
Processing has a good economic endurance and the highest AAA credit rating for many years. This, together with our expertise and experience in technology, laws and regulations makes us a wise and safe project partner.


System management

Vi kan erbjuda tjänsten att koppla upp oss mot er anläggning för att övervaka och ge snabb support vid eventuella driftsstörningar. Vi kan via fjärrövervakning bland annat utföra felsökning, ta fram trendhistorik och se över besparingspotential för anläggningen. Även när det skall göras en intrimning på er anläggning kan det underlätta att processen övervakas och kontrolleras.Please contact us for a meeting where we unconditionally will tell you more about who we are and how we could possibly help to improve your water treatment process by cost efficiency and greater environmental friendliness!

Aftermarket service

The Processing service staff undergo annual training at our agencies to ensure the level of knowledge and the best way to give our customers the service they expect. We offer preventive maintenance via various service agreements. In Kungsbacka we have an authorized service workshop and full service/spare parts for Dolpin bottom cleaners. 

CAD construction

Our CAD department works daily with assignments in various contractualforms, including AB, ABT, and ABK both in new construction and as renovations. Through continuous training and latest software including 3DCAD, we are always compatible with architects and other contractors in the projects.



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